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Factory reset Motorolla c113
Big Grin 
I'm having a hard time factory reseting Motorolla c113. I know its an old phone an most of you havent probably used it. My grand ma wants me to help her reset it because allegedly she loves it and still wants to use it. Please someone help me here so I dont look like a fool.  Big Grin
Here is how to hard reset Motorolla C113.

  1. Press the center select key.
  2. to and select Settings (may be Settings & Tools).

  3. Scroll to and select Initial Setup.

  4. Scroll to and select Master Clear.

  5. If prompted for a Security Code, enter 000000 (or whatever the customer set it to).

  6. Select OK to confirm.
Before the resetting of Android phones, you'd better transfer important files from Android to computer as a backup. You can follow the steps below to factory reset your Android phones.
Step 1. You can pull down the notification shade.
Step 2. Then you need to tap on the icon on the top right corner.
Step 3. Just click on the gear icon to click on the Settings.
Step 4. Select the Backup & Reset button.
Step 5. Click on the Factory Data Reset.
Step 6. You will receive a notification that remind you all the files will be erased and you can just confirm it.
Step 7. The start screen will show up if you finish the reset.
Step 8. Then you may be required to enter the account or other information. Just click on the Not Now button to skip to the next step.
Step 9. Finally just open the app tray and start the Gallery to see if there is still photos in it. If there is no photo in the device, that means your device has been reset successfully.
In case of losing data after Factory Reset,I think you'd better backup them before.
There is an article that introduce 5 ways to backup files before Factory Reset.
Method one: Using the combination keys
1- First, turn off the cell phone.
2. Press and hold the Volume UP key and the Power key to view the Boot screen, then release the keys.
3- Now select the Recovery option with the Volume UP key and confirm with the Volume Down button.
4. When the Android Logo is displayed on the screen, hold down the Power key and press the Volume UP key once as you hold the power key off.
5. Now with the volume up and down keys (Volume UP, Down) select the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option and confirm with the power key.
6- In the opened page, select the Yes option and confirm with the Power key.
7- This time, select the Reboot System Now option to restart the phone.

The second method: using the settings menu
1- First, go to the device settings.
2. Select the Backup & Reset option.
3. Then select the Factory Data Reset option.
4. Click the Reset Phone option.
5. Finally, click on Erase Everything.

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