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Txyicheng Guide for Using BBQ Grill Mat
Barbecue Grill Mats are heat-resistant sheets used as a non-stick grilling surface. They are placed on the top of grill grates to simplify cleanups and prevent grease flare-ups. Barbecue Grill Mats and BBQ Mesh Bag are made from fiberglass cloth and covered with a non-stick coating.
Grill Mats make the cleanup process much easier. When you use Grill Mats, you don’t have to worry about cheese, sauces, and food leftovers oozing through the grill grate, and you can use Barbecue Grill Mats with any type of grill.
How to Use BBQ Grill Mats?Using a BBQ grill mat is fairly simple. You just have to clean it properly and lay flat against the cooking grate. It increases the opportunity of grilling many foods that you cannot do directly on the grate, for example, eggs, chopped onion, potato, etc. You can make homemade pizza on a grill mate too.1. First, put the metal grate in position after turning on your grill.
  1. Take a grill mat and place it over the grilling surface. For larger grills, you can use two mats and set those two next to each other.
  2. Try to maintain a single thickness. Avoid layering.
  3. Once you set the mat is in place, put food and cook normally.
  4. Once cooking is finished, let them cool and then wash clean. Finally dry the mats with a soft cloth and lay those flat when they are not in use.However, here are some things you might remember while using a bbq grill mat:
Try to purchase a high-quality non-stick grill mat.
Keep the heat on low or medium and never expose the mat to above 500°C temperature.
Do not use metal tools, silicon or soft plastic while on grilling your foods. If you need to flip food, you can use a pair of silicone tipped tongs and a spatula.
Do not scrape the surface of a bbq mat excessively.
Do not cook sticky sauces or other foods that are too sticky.
For example: Cook fresh vegetables, shrimp, certain fish, chicken, hash browns, pancakes, bacon, sausage, and fried eggs.
TongXiang YiCheng grill mats are always a go-to gift when giving to friends and family that love to grill. And when used and cared for properly, they will last for a long, long time! If you want to find the right grill mat for your cookout needs, please visit famous BBQ Grill Bag Factory site https://www.txyicheng.com/product/bbq-mesh-bag/

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