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Unlimited Free Internet on Glo NG. With TweakWare
Follow this procedure to get Unlimited Free Internet on Glo NG. With TweakWare. You can possibly browse the internet for free on Globacom network if you do everything right. 

Follow the steps below To Setup Glo Unlimited

  1. Download latest version of tweakware from Google play Store
  2. With your Globacom sim card inserted in your phone, make sure your default configuration settings is "GloFlat"
  3. Install and run your Tweakware VPN app.
  4. In the app, Go to settings => bundled settings click on your preferred network (i.e) (NG Glo) 0.0k
  5. Connect and enjoy
NOTE: The trial TweakWare account has a daily unlimited data of 300mb. You can upgrade to the premium plan.

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