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Unlock Safaricom Modem to Accept all other sim cards
Hey this is Vic from Kenya, I have a safaricom modem that i want to unlock so that it accepts other sim cards such as airtel and orange. As you may know, Safaricom data charges  are not the friendliest in the market and therefore i need to take advantage of the cheaper rates but without having to replace my modem. Any way I can do this?
Here us how to unlock a Huawei Safaricom modem to accept all other sim cards.

First you need to get your modem's unlock code. To get this you run this link:

where you enter your modem's IMEI number(check the back of your modem) after the = sign eg 

When you run this in your browser you'll see something like this:


Entsperren / Unlock: 3XXXXXXX   (This is the unlock code; 3XXXXXXX)
Flashen / Flash: 6XXXXXXX


Now you have your unlock code.

Final step is unlocking your modem. Download the card unlock software attached below. You need to be logged in to download.

The program doesn't require installation. Simply INSERT your Huawei modem FIRST then run the program. It will recognize the modem by showing you the modem's IMEI number. In the unlock code box enter the UNLOCK code you acquired from running the first link.(N/B:enter unlock code not flash code) the click OK.

That is it. Your modem is unlocked

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.zip   Huawei_E220_Cardlock_Unlock.zip (Size: 59.57 KB / Downloads: 1,358)
Our blog : technologysage.com 
APK Downloads: apk.technologysage.com
YouTube :    Technology Sage
hello i have followed all your steps to unlock a huawei e303 modem but when i enter the unlock codes it tells me port failed...please advice
same error here in Hamburg.

The card unlocker doesnt find the IMEI even, Help!!
please I have Huawei modem model E3372h_153
please I need help to unlock the modem
<p>The port fails because the modem is still connected. You will have to disconnect first.<br></p>

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