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Technology Sage forum provides solutions, guides, tips and tricks to all matters mobile phones, computers, software and games. OS and firmware upgrade guides, purchase guides and general technology tweaks are also available.

Statistics for this forum's viewership

  • Alexa Rank: 245,125 [Check Current Rank]
  • Page views: 98,171 (monthly 82% organic)
  • Visitors: 79,985 (monthly)
  • Sessions: 67,112 (monthly)
  • New Visitors: 82.2%
  • Monthly Impressions: 412,834 (According to Google Webmasters Tools)
  • Social media Fans and followers: a total of 6,561
  • Members; actual number available on homepage

These statistics are updated once every month. 80% of my audience are male between the age bracket of 14 years all the way to 65+ years. Majority of them are from United states, United kingdom India, Kenya, South Africa, Netherlands, Nigeria, Ghana, United Arab Emirates, Russia, German, Indonesia, Egypt, Philippines, Sudan, among others. It is a world-wide audience to be precise and therefore it is fit to advertise with technology sage as you will reach a wide range of audience

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  These ad slots are also available on our blog. check out the Advertise with us page for more advertising options including sponsorships, reviews, giveaways among others.



If you wish to advertise on this forum or on our blog, get in touch with us by sending an email to [email protected] or alternatively, use the contact form to get in touch with us and discuss about the advertising option(s) that you are interested in.