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About Us

Technology is world widely known to almost all the people around. You landed on this page because probably you are looking for a solution to a technological problem concerning computers, laptops, software, games android phones or maybe get some insight on the trends in the modern technological world. The term SAGE; means a wise person or a spiritual teacher; a man or woman of gravity and wisdom, especially a teacher venerable for years and of sound judgement and prudence. Synonyms to the word Sage are; pundit, deep thinker, egghead and intellectual. 

Technology Sage forum was born from TechnologySage blog and this forum provides technology solutions, guides, tips and tricks to all matters mobile phones, computers, software and games. OS and firmware upgrade guides, purchase guides and general technology tweaks are also available. 

This forum encompasses a group of technology pundits and who want to live an internet life by following their passion in technology and in the process helping out millions with the problems they face daily in their operations. 

The forum additionally offers a platform for tech related discussions. Members can register and ask questions by starting a new thread in any of the categories available and have their questions answered by fellow members or Technology Sage staff. Members can also comment on already created threads, send direct messages to each other or share their tips and tricks with the rest of the members in the forum.

We therefore, welcome you to this forum to interact and discover the full potential of your devices.