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What's the best phone between Android and Windows Phone
I am currently a fun of android phones. I have been using them since I got into the world of smart phones. 
Recently however, i have developed an interest in windows phones. I hear people complaining of the ease of use of the phones.
Anyone advice which one is the best between the two?
If I were to give a personal opinion, I would advise you stick with Android. Android has a wide range of phones that can fit any budget. Although both operating systems have their pros and a cons, you can check them out and see which one weighs more for you.
Android is owned by Google and we all know Google can't let us down, at least it hasn't.. ☺️.

I therefore tend to think it is reliable. My opinion though.
Both are the high quality handset and best for their own qualities. There are many users of android than windows because of android is open source platform. And windows is liked because of security purpose. So firstly decide what you need then choose one.

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