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How to flash Nokia mobile phones.
Please, how can I unlock Nokia s40 phones security code. I understand I will have to flash the phone and possibly lose all my data. can someone please help me on how to go about this. 
Here is how to flash Nokia devices (Java and Symbian Only) using phoenix and USB cable. 

  1.  Infinity Box  
  2.  Nokia PC Suite  
  3.  Firmware files for flashing 
  4.  A GOOD USB cable
  5.  Well charged battery
  • While flashing, the process shouldn't be interrupted due to insufficient charge on the battery or due to disconnection of the USB cord as it may result to a totally damaged phone.
  • Always try to search well for the latest firmware before download / flashing. Using a firmware below the current firmware on the phone would result in a partially bricked phone (this is because downgrading isn't allowed)
READ THE WHOLE PROCEDURE HERE: https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-14299.html
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