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Airtel Free Data bundles.
What is the latest working tweak to browse the internet for free using Airtel internet. 
I really need some free data or browsing trick. 
Someone please help me here.
I will show you how to get some free Airtel data bundles. The basic principle behind the free bundles is that users tweak/ change their IMEI numbers to match those of promotional phones which have free data and thus they can redeem the data. You will therefore need to be familiar with changing of IMEI numbers. 

Check out this thread on how to change IMEI numbers: http://forum.technologysage.com/thread-37.html

Below is a sample procedure to get 1GB free data

Procedure 1gb AIRTEL FREE DATA

1. Write down this IMEI 353756064280 
2.  Now add any digits to the IMEI number to make it 15 digits
3. Now use the below above method to tweak/ change your phone's IMEI to the IMEI you generated.
4. When you are done tweaking, dial *544*4# to activate the free gigabytes and then you would receive a message notifying you of your free data.

NOTE: I do not guarantee that the IMEI you generate will give you 1GB, you may end up with 350MB or even none. Keep trying and you may get lucky. 

Now that you know the logic behind it. any time you see a phone being sold with a data bundle offer, go grab the first 12 digits of the IMEI and work the magic. Enjoy.
Guys should note that these serial numbers keep changing over time. I would recommend you concentrate more on the trick involved rather than the actual Serial number. Incase you discover a new working one, share the first 12 or 13 digits of the serial umber to help out others.
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