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How is Ronaldo better than Messi?

<p>How is Ronaldo better than Messi?

CR7 's influence on the match is really negligible to messi's contribution. Yes his name on the scoresheet might come more frequently, but if you see the matches you know what I'm talking about. Whenever the oppositions are pressuring the fragile barca defense and the midfield is bereft of ideas, you'd find lionel messi collecting the ball right from the central defenders, linking up with the midfielders and changing the course of the game toward oppositions goal.

He isn`t. Who told you that? Lionel Messi can be the only variant if we speak about the best football player on this planet. Have you seen him playing? He is a magician! I have watched all his matches and bet through too. So, I can definitely say he is the best sportsman ever

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