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Which crypto exchanges are safe?

<p>Which crypto exchanges are safe?<br>

Before, I just use big-time crypto exchanges. But I’ve come to realize that those exchanges are prone to cyber attacks so you may lose some trading assets from it just like what happened in binance before.

Because of that I searched for an exchange that emphasizes security over everything else. Fortunately, i found this Atomars. This exchange has advance security as they have a multi Layer Security that comprised of separated servers, 2-factor authentication, high-level encryption technology, , DDoS protection, cold storages, and much more. We need strong security more than you could ever imagine thats why im really into this exchange.

Well, to tell the truth, I have been working with cryptocurrency for a long time and I consider this a good income. I use a lot of professional information and trust these Crypto Exchanges
It helps a lot in my work and makes it possible to minimize risks as much as possible.

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