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Laptop Overheating and Shutting Itself Down

Hello guys, My Laptop is Overheating and powering Itself off. It happens mostly when I am playing a game, the laptop gets very hot at the bottom, the fan makes a lot of noise which i suppose it is spinning faster and then the computer suddenly goes off. someone please help.

The overheating is probably caused by blockage of the air flow. The hot air is unable to leave the laptop despite the fan trying hard to push it out. When the metal grills that lead out hot air get blocked by dust, the air flow is hindered, this makes the hot air to pile up making the computer hot. the temperature sensors in the laptop are able to detect this heat build up and therefore make the fans spin faster in order to try and cool the laptop down. In the extreme cases, when the dust is too much, the heat becomes too much and therefore the temperature sensors instructs the laptop to shut down in order to save it from further damage. 

To solve this, you need to get rid of the dust that builds up in the metal heat sink grill. You can use a blow dryer to blow out the dust and clean the fins. 

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In case the overheating is caused by mechanical failure, then you will need to see a technician. The first signal could be that the fan is not working os that it is spinning very slowly.

I also facing the same issue about overheating. Because of fan issue after cleaning fan, I never got the overheating issue.

Yes clean your laptop or PC every month to avoid such problems.

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