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Repair Corrupted SD card showing unsupported error
I have an 8GB memory card that i  have been using in my camera for a while. Recently i decided to take it out and use it in my phone. After inserting in my phone, i noticed that the phone could not recognize the SD card and it was prompting me to format it. I went ahead and formatted it in the phone because i figured maybe the camera format and the android format was different. After formatting,  now have a new problem, it shows an error 'unsupported SD card'. How can I fix this?
In this fix you will need a computer or laptop because this method involves the use of command prompt to fix the corrupted SD card. 

1. First of all, you will need to format the SD card on the computer using the default settings;
  1. Right click on your SD card drive in Computer or My Computer and select "Format..."
  2. Leave all default settings and select "Start"
2. Perform a chkdsk
  1. Connect the SD card to the computer using an adapter
  2. On your PC, open My Computer or This PC for windows 10 and take note of the drive letter that's assigned to your sd card.
  3. Now search for command proompt and run it as an administrator
  4. Enter the following command: chkdsk [sd card drive letter]: /r      (Replace 'sd card drive letter with the actual letter noted in step 2 above) an example could be; chkdsk E: /r
the command checks for errors on the selected drive and fixes them. chkdsk stands for 'Check Disk'
in this procedure you need a laptop or basically a Computer.insert your memory card using either the adapter or card reader. Go ahead and right click on the drive(your memory card) click properties >tools then check disk

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