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Zuku Kenya Home internet plans

Zuku provides the most affordable home internet solutions in Kenya. Though limited in its country-wide spread, Zuku is the most reliable fo unlimited home internet solutions at the best prices in the market. They do offer business plans too but I will only focus on the home internet plans.

Zuku Unlimited Internet pricing plans

There are currently only two plans in place.

  1. Jistart:  This plan offers unlimited browsing for speeds of up to 1Mbps at a total cost of KES 1,199 per month. (approximately $12)
  2. Jipawa: This plan offers unlimited browsing experience with speeds of up to 4Mbps at a total cost of KES 1,999 per month. ($20)
There is a one-time price for the Router which is about $10 and the installation is free.

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ZUKU Kenya is the best in the market at the moment. I have been using it for the past one year now and I can say it's stable. The customer service is top notch.
The only downside is that it is not available countrywide, or at least in other cities apart from Nairobi.

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