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need help

I need advice on how to write the questions below; I'm at a dead end. Any advice on how to answer these essay questions will be appreciated, especially from people who have successfully got into this programme.
1.Tell us how and when you became interested in studying in the US, why you think undergraduate study in the US would be a good fit for you and if applicable, any steps you have taken to research undergraduate study in the US.
2. Tell us about an aspect of your life that you feel is so fundamental to your identity that your application would be incomplete without it, and how this has shaped who you are today. This could be an event, experience or aspect of the world you come from (your family, school, background, culture or community).
3. Imagine you are 80 years old and you are looking back on your adult life. What contribution have you made to the world
4. If you were a professor at an American university and the president of the university said you could create a course to teach for a semester, what would the title of your course be? (Use your imagination, it could be about anything!) Has anyone used The Uni Tutor?

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