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How much money do you require to start a business in Dubai?

<p>How much money do you require&nbsp; to start a business in Dubai?


It all depends on the nature of your business activity and the area in Dubai you select i.e. free zone or Mainland business setup.

For Freezone: 100% ownership and cost will be varied depends on visa eligibility.

For Mainland: 49% ex-pats and 51% local sponsor.

For example, my client establishes a company in the mainland a few days before their activity is general trading.

For Business, setup cost: 45000 Aed as it was a general trading license including sponsor fee also.

For Visa: Costing up to 7500 Aed and partner visa around 4500 Aed

Well, it depends on a free zone that you choose. You see, every zone has its own conditions. I recommend to read carefully about ajman free zone company formation I used to deal with. Mind that the company under the link is the best in the region. Hope it can help

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